What is the bathroom remodel process?

  1. Measure Consultation – The first step is to contact The Home Depot and let them know you are interested in having your bathroom remodeled. FPN Services will contact you to schedule a measure consultation and one of our knowledgeable estimators will visit with you in your home. During the consultation, your bathroom will be measured and the estimator will discuss your design ideas. The details will all be sent to the Home Depot and a bathroom specialist will contact you to set up a design consultation.
  2. Design Consultation – The Home Depot designer will meet with you and discuss design options and budget. Take a look at our bathroom design tips to get some inspiration for your meeting. Once your design choices are finalized, we will schedule with you a pre-construction meeting.
  3. Pre-Construction Meeting – Your FPN Services estimator will visit your home again to discuss the design choices you made and ensure that the chosen plans will function well in your space. Electrical or plumbing contractors may accompany the estimator to this meeting, or they may contact you for a separate meeting if needed. After the plans are completely finalized, your labor bid will be prepared.
  4. Closing Appointment – You will be contacted by The Home Depot for a final closing meeting where our labor bid will be presented. If you have any questions about the bid, we will respond to your inquiry right away. You will finalize your payment arrangements with The Home Depot and all materials will be ordered.
  5. Check-In & Scheduling – You’ll be contacted by the delivery agent to confirm a delivery date. Contact FPN Services to speak with your project manager who will schedule your check-in and installation start date. At that time, we will be able to give you an estimated time of completion.
  6. Installation Day – On the morning of your start date, your project manager will call you to let you know what time your installers will arrive. Please make sure you have completely prepared your home for installation, so that we can get started right away. Depending on the scope of your project, you may see multiple crews working on different trades in your home. Your project manager and installers will keep you informed each step of the way throughout your remodel process.
  7. Final Walkthrough – Once FPN Services’ portion of your remodel has been completed, the installer will walk through your installation with you and will take care of any last minute adjustments.