Before FPN Services’ Installers can begin their work, you first need to do yours. Preparing yourself and your home for your bathroom remodel is critical to the success and ease of the remodel process. When installers can arrive and start their work right away, it saves precious hours on your install.

A full bathroom remodel is a disruptive, messy process. The installers will be tearing out existing items, and will need space to work. Our installers work hard to ensure the effect on you and the rest of your home is minimized, however there will be interruption of your daily life and routine. Getting ready for that will help to make your experience more pleasant.

Before Bathroom Remodel

  • Designate a cleared out protected area to store the delivered items. Check through the boxes to ensure that everything from your order has been delivered. FPN Services installs standard size knobs and pulls at no additional charge provided they are present at the time of the install.
  • Clear everything out of your bathroom cabinets and off the walls. Empty out medicine cabinets, under sink spaces, shower curtains and liners, wall art, etc. Also, remove any items hanging on walls adjacent to the bathroom walls to protect from damage due to vibration.
  • If you are remodeling your only bathroom, you will need to make arrangements for showering and toilet needs. Perhaps stay at a nearby motel, use your neighbor’s facilities, or rent a portable bathroom for a few days. If you are remodeling multiple bathrooms, it’s best to schedule those in separate sessions so that you still have access to at least one.
  • Set up a vanity/makeup prep area somewhere else in the home. Get yourself a good mirror with some good lighting so that your morning routine can stay close to normal.
  • Consider housing pets in a kennel or with a friend to keep them away from the installation/construction area.

During Bathroom Remodel

While the remodel is ongoing, FPN Services’ installers will arrive on time, be efficient and courteous. You will not need to provide them with any tools or equipment. Here is what you can expect during the installation portion of your remodel:

  • The installer may ask you to sign a Customer Acknowledgement form during the installation to acknowledge that the technician was present and accomplished certain tasks on specified days. This form does not necessarily mean that the entire installation is complete, and the installer will note on the bottom of the form any additional work to be performed.
  • An adult over 18 with the authority to make decisions regarding the MUST be present at all times. FPN Services’ crew cannot work inside your home without an adult representative present.
  • Keep children and pets away from the installation/construction area at all times.
  • To minimize construction dust, consider leaving the central heating or air off while the installation team is sanding.
  • Depending on the scope of the remodel, multiple crews may need access to your home. Your project manager will be in communication with you throughout the process so that you know which technicians to expect and when.

After Bathroom Remodel

Following the installation of your cabinets, vanities and sinks, we will clean the work and installation areas. If requested, the crew will haul away the old materials they demolished (additional charges will apply). Once your new materials have been installed, you should:

  • Make sure all cabinet doors and drawers open and close properly.
  • Wipe down the insides of cabinets and drawers with a damp cloth.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for care of materials.

Common issues affecting bathroom remodel

In almost all cases, the final estimate you receive will accurately reflect the condition of the installation/construction site, and it won’t be necessary to adjust the cost or schedule. Occasionally, however, we discover conditions (water or termite damage, electrical or plumbing problems) during installation that must be addressed before we can complete the renovation. These conditions may require additional labor and materials.

In most cases, The Home Depot team will be able to complete the necessary work. Any additional charges, if applicable, will be added to your installation cost and the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. You will be provided with a “Change Order Form” to sign if this occurs.