With your start date fast approaching, it’s time to start getting ready for your installer to arrive. Working together, we can make your installation more efficient so you can start cooking in your new kitchen as soon as possible. Here are some steps you can take, and also some important facts you need to know.

A kitchen remodel is a dusty and loud process. Though installers do their best to protect your home from the mess created by the installation process, it’s unrealistic to expect that the rest of your home will remain unaffected. Preparing yourself ahead of time is essential to make this renovation a positive experience.

Before Kitchen Installation

  • Decide on and clear out on a protected area (such as the garage) to store your newly delivered cabinets, and check to make sure that your delivered order is complete. FPN Services installs standard size knobs and pulls at no additional charge provided they are present at the time of the install.
  • Clear off all countertops and remove all dishes, silverware, food and other items from cabinets and drawers and pack them into boxes. Label boxes to make unpacking easier. Remember to set aside items you’ll need, such as can openers, utensils, cleaning supplies, towels, trash bags and other essentials.
  • Set up a makeshift kitchen elsewhere in the home. Include a small refrigerator and a microwave, and make sure there is a water source (like a bathroom sink) nearby. Cook and freeze meals that you can microwave or save up restaurant coupons. Stock up on disposable plates, cups and utensils so that you can cut down on having to wash dishes in the bathroom sink or tub.
  • Remove all wall hangings, pictures and mirrors from kitchen walls. In nearby rooms, move furniture and other items away from walls adjacent to the kitchen or other room and take down wall hangings, pictures and mirrors to protect them from damage as walls will vibrate during installation/construction.
  • Consider housing pets in a kennel or with a friend to keep them away from the installation/construction area.
  • If you are installing a new dishwasher, verify with your designer who will be providing the dishwasher side mount kit – typically either the countertop installer or the appliance installer.

During Kitchen Installation

During the installation phase, our authorized installers will be on time, courteous and efficient. They will have all necessary equipment and will be ready to install your new cabinets. You will not need to provide any special tools or materials. Just meet these simple requirements:

  • As the renovation progresses, your installer may ask you to sign a Customer Acknowledgement form. This form does not necessarily mean that the entire installation is complete, simply that the installer was at your home for the specified days and that certain work was completed. There is space on the bottom of this form to note the additional work that is to be performed.
  • Make certain to have an adult over age 18 with authority to make installation decisions on hand during the installation. Remember, our crew cannot work inside your home without you or your representative being present.
  • Keep children and pets away from the installation/construction area at all times.
  • If there is an air return in your room or kitchen area, consider leaving the central heating or air conditioning off while the installation team is sanding to help contain construction dust.

After Kitchen Installation

After installation of your new cabinets, our team will leave the work area clean. If you like, they will also haul away old cabinetry (additional charges will apply). Once your new cabinets have been installed, you should:

  • Make sure all cabinet doors and drawers open and close properly.
  • Wipe down the insides of cabinets and drawers with a damp cloth.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for care of cabinets.

Common issues affecting kitchen installation

In almost all cases, the final estimate you receive will accurately reflect the condition of the installation/construction site, and it won’t be necessary to adjust the cost or schedule. Occasionally, however, we discover conditions (water or termite damage, electrical or plumbing problems) during installation that must be addressed before we can complete the renovation. These conditions may require additional labor and materials.

In most cases, The Home Depot team will be able to complete the necessary work. Any additional charges, if applicable, will be added to your installation cost and the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. You will be provided with a “Change Order Form” to sign if this occurs.