What is the kitchen installation process?

  1. Measure Consultation – After you’ve placed your order for a measure with the Home Depot, one of FPN Services’ experienced kitchen estimators will contact you to schedule an appointment to measure your home and discuss your goals for your kitchen. The estimator will take detailed measurements and notes which they will hand over to your Home Depot Kitchen Design Associate. Your Designer will contact you to setup your next appointment.
  2. Design Consultation – You will meet with your Home Depot designer to complete your kitchen design and finalize your selections. Refer to our kitchen design tips section to research some of your options before meeting with your design professional. At this time, it is best to make a decision regarding your appliances. Knowing the exact dimensions will assist us in finalizing your plans.
  3. Pre-Construction Meeting – FPN Services will review the design with you and verify that the design will meet all of your form and function needs. When we come out for this meeting, we may bring along our electrical or plumbing contractors, or they may contact you to setup a separate appointment if needed. Once we have gathered all of our final information, we will send that over to the Home Depot designer and your design will be finalized. At that time, we will develop our labor bid.
  4. Closing Appointment – The Home Depot will schedule a final meeting with you to present your labor bid. An FPN Services associate will respond to any questions you may have regarding the labor bid. After payment arrangements have been finalized, the Home Depot will order all of the materials for the renovation.
  5. Check-In & Scheduling – The delivery agent will contact you with a confirmed delivery date. Call our office at that time, and your project manager will schedule both your materials check-in and installation start date. For larger jobs, we will come out and inspect all of the delivered materials for accuracy and damage a few days before your installation. For smaller renovations we will inspect the materials on the same day as the install. When we schedule the installation, we will give you an estimate of the number of days required for the installation to take place.
  6. Installation Day – We’ll call you the morning of your remodel start date to give you an ETA for our cabinet installer. Please be certain that you have taken all of the steps to prepare your home before our installer arrives. The exact order of work to be done is different for each kitchen, and your project manager will keep you informed throughout the process. Cabinet installers, inspectors, plumbers and electricians may all be needed at different times during the installation. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact your project manager.
  7. Final Walkthrough – When our installer has completed his portion of your install, he will walk through the job with you and address any concerns you may have at that time. If needed, FPN Services will also come out a month following the completion of your install to make simple adjustments. In our experience, cabinets and drawers have a tendency to settle following countertop installation, and we want to be sure that you are completely satisfied with your renovation.